Valores corporativos

Our vocation for improvement obliges us to set our sights on the future and establish new challenges and objectives.

Maintain our position as reference company in the recycling sector. This implies maintaining the quality of our service and constantly improving the solutions we provide to our clients.

Increase our international presence. Our consolidated presence in the Spanish market is reinforced by our rapidly growing presence abroad. As a result of our international vocation, our growth in international markets has accelerated in the past two years.

Diversify our reference sectors. As part of our business development philosophy, we are focused on diversification by orienting ourselves towards sectors such as water treatment, RDF production plants, power generation plants using biomass and RDF and waste disposal site degasification projects.

Drive investment in R&D. Our position in the sector leads us to constantly seek waste treatment solutions.

As part of our corporate vision, technological development is essential to achieving more effective and efficient solutions, and ensuring that these adapt to different countries with different needs.

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